Starting Mornings on a Good Note

January 5, 2017


On my adventure to lead a more positive life/outlook, I’ve started mentally preparing myself for the day not by groans of exhaustion but rather cheers of joy. Well I’m exaggerating a little bit; waking up at ungodly hours to go to school is definitely not something to cheer about. However, getting into the mindset “I can do this let’s tackle the day” makes the day just a little bit more bearable.

When I wake up, I do not let myself dwell on how crappy the day may be, how I don’t want to be at school, etc. I try to think positive things such as “it’s going to be a good day” because just starting on the right foot makes a difference. In some point in my daily morning routine, I do a little quick dance to hype myself up. When I arrive in the parking lot, I’m getting into the habit of saying a prayer (albeit it’s kinda quick since I run late sometimes) before I get out of the car.

Honestly, adding these small but powerful elements into my mornings have helped me be less unhappy. Starting the morning on a cynical note just makes things seem more dour if/when something distasteful happens during the day. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes I do wake up and feel like a ball of crap. But nobody is going to pick me up. I got to pick myself up and get going. And if I need to do cheesy things to get going, I will do it. I’m tired of dreading the day. It’s time to face it.


The Art of Letting Go

January 1, 2017

Forgiving is a hard thing to do. It’s not healthy to hold on to grudges and replay every wrong thing they did. But it’s also not easy to let go because you want to avenge the things that you have feel wronged in.

To remind that letting go is the best thing to do, here’s something to remember.

The acid of bitterness eats the container that holds it.

The more you hold on to something, the uglier your soul becomes. That bitterness will eat at you until you’re left with nothing but an immense hatred for the world. Avenging is not the best option because it often makes the situation worst. So I say let go and believe that you’re the awesome person that you are.

Gifts (How I Know I’m Growing Up)

December 25, 2016

During Christmas, we receive gifts from relatives and friends. Everyone dotes on the little ones, which means they get an insane amount of presents. I used to feel a pang of jealousy because I used to be the smallest child, and I would get the most presents. Now, I don’t care.

Most of the time, when I did receive a lot of presents, I didn’t really care for them. That’s why I like the amount of gifts I get now. I get about 3 gifts from relatives and clothing from my parents. This year, my favorites are a pair of boots, a thermos, and business clothing. I was excited about these because it was something that I had recently needed.

In the past, all those gifts were just wants or something that I really didn’t even want. Now I appreciate and care about the simple yet useful gifts received.

Algebra II

December 24, 2016

I just remembered this funny incident that happened my sophomore year and wanted to write it down. At the time, we were learning about real numbers. Then someone asks…

“Are there fake numbers since there are real numbers?”

Obviously, that makes sense. Since there are real numbers, there should be fake numbers. But if you know math, you know that there’s no such thing as fake numbers.

The teacher replies, “No, but there are imaginary numbers.”

*person’s mind boggled*

Math is really weird and confusing.

From Humans of New York Post

December 22, 2016

“I’ve been examining my values lately, and determining whether or not I like the feelings that result from those values.”

“What’s an example of one of your values?”

“I’m very competitive.”

“And what’s a feeling that results from being competitive?”


“How does competitiveness result in jealousy?”

“When you have a competitive mindset, you tend to view the world in terms of winners and losers. So you resent other people getting recognition, because you somehow believe that less recognition is available to you. I’m learning that this is a false mindset. There’s not a fixed amount of success and recognition in the world. So another person’s accomplishments don’t diminish the accomplishments available to you.”

The Right Decision

December 21, 2016

Did we make the right decision? I don’t think they could have made a wrong decision, and I wanted them to know this. They had someone on their side, no matter what. 

I came upon these words of wisdom from an article that I read. It was about a family that took their daughter off of life support, and they asked their genetic counselor the question of making the right decision. His response to the question applies not only to his field of work but also to our lives as well.

Many times, we question if what we’re doing is the right thing to do. The world is not a black and white place; there’s a lot of grey area to it. One of my friends jokingly calls me a George Washington because I stand neutral on the things that he asks. It’s because I like to weigh out all of my options before making my decision. Generally, I can argue for both sides. There’s always going to be a pro and con in a grey world.

Sometimes, there’s not a right or best decision. It’s just the choice that will be best for the future. No matter the decision, there’s going to be someone on both sides to validate their stance.