T Minus 1 Day Before Moving In

August 15, 2017


It seems surreal that college is actually going to happen. My time in high school (and I guess before that too) was spent preparing to go to a good college. I feel somewhat excited but also apprehensive. Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown? After all, this is new territory. I won’t be with people that I know from previous years- a new beginning.

Lessons from Dog Sitting

August 7, 2017

  1. Whoever routinely feeds and interacts with the dog the most will be considered the primary guardian in the dog’s eyes.
  2. Dogs will look/beg for food whenever you’re eating.
  3. This does not mean they will eat whatever they are begging for.
  4. They get excited when they know they’re going on a walk.
  5. They will run towards squirrels or birds to scare them.
  6. They mark their territory on most mailboxes, lamp posts, and trees.
  7. It is very tiring to always be on the lookout for acts that they’re not suppose to do.
  8. Even if you catch them in a mischievous act, they sometimes continue to do whatever they’re doing.
  9. Puppies/ young dogs are cute, but they take a lot of work.
  10. I understand why I wasn’t allowed to have a puppy when I was younger.


Tabula Rasa

August 1, 2017

tabula rasa- an opportunity for a fresh start; clean slate

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to go off to college to leave high school behind. I felt confined in the identity that I had become in high school. I grew frustrated that one aspect of me was being emphasized rather than the whole person that I am. The feeling has lessened now, but I still would like to have fresh start. The idea of being a clean slate appeals to me. Meeting others without them knowing who I was gives them an unbiased holistic view of me.

What I was defined by is not bad and is in fact a good thing, but that aspect of me is what most people tended to focused on. I am not just that one element; I am a multiple of elements that make me a collective whole. Some perceived me as a person with an identity outside of that one aspect. I am grateful for them because they looked beyond and took the effort to know me, the true me.

Aftermath of a Grave Mistake

July 25, 2017

Dm Am Cm Gm
Dm Gm C F

Disaster was written all over it
I’ve created a mess, how did I let it get so far
I’m to blame and I know it
How does one mend a heart?

Am E7
Dm A7
Dm Gm C F

I need to let go, not hold on
But here I am, not moving on
Waiting for something that might not be there is a dangerous game to play

Gm C
Dm F
Gm C
F A7

Some wishes can never come true
No matter how hard we try
Blind to the flaws and dangers
Following the heart is not always good

Dm Am Cm Gm
Woe to us, forgive me
Accept this apology, mhmm

Love by Itself Does Not Work

July 20, 2017

Sometimes even when both parties want the other person/relationship, it doesn’t work. My previous SO and I broke up not because we didn’t like each other but because I recognized how different we were in goals, lifestyles, and places in life. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to reconcile the differences between us. After a long talk where we both shared our perspectives, he agreed with me, and we made a very hard decision to let go of each other even though we liked each other a lot.

Many people believe that love can hold everything together. To a certain degree, it does. But I believe love by itself can’t make things all possible no matter how hard people try and/or no matter how badly they want the relationship to work. If have significantly different goals, lifestyles, or at very different places in life, a relationship will not work.

Why does it matter so much to have these same qualities in addition to love? As a couple, you’re suppose to work as a team. How will you and your significant other be able to do so if have fundamentally different ways or views in pursing a fulfilling life? In the end, one or both partners will be unsatisfied in the relationship.

Unfortunately, romantic movies give false expectations (talked about in an earlier post) and skews how love in relationships actually looks like. It’s ok to have differences but the fundamental values should line up with each other or have the flexibility to respect the differences.

Can Opposite Genders be Best Friends and Not Fall for Each Other?

July 17, 2017

This topic came up a long time ago with one of my cousins. She was talking about how later on (during/after college) her guy best friends during high school had come up to her, told her that they liked her, and would like to date her now. She responded by saying that she did like them during high school, but now the feelings are no longer the same. Then she said to me, “I learned that guys and girls can’t be best friends without one or both eventually falling for each other.”

I would say the majority of opposite gender best friends do end up liking the other person or at least imagine the person as their significant other at some point. However, I think it is possible to have a close platonic relationship with the opposite sex. I feel that this generally happens after someone gets turned down, goes through a period of awkwardness, and then the friendship resumes again. Maybe there are still feelings but no longer as intense since they got shut downed. Also, I think this can happen when they have been friends for a very long time. After a while, they start viewing each other as siblings rather than romantic interests.