Caffeine Poem

July 5, 2017

Wake up, wake up, wake up!
There’s nothing better than a coffee or tea cup.
Just a little jolt of caffeine to start the day.
No, nope, nothing is going to rain on my parade.
The gloom that was sitting over me? It won’t be there for long you’ll see.
Slowly but surely, the caffeine starts running through my veins.
It makes all the pain go away.
Though it does keep me awake, at times it can give me the shakes.
Without my caffeine, I’m kinda grumpy.
Oh man, I love coffee or tea, but they make me want to pee.

My Current Definition of Love

June 25, 2017

I never understood why love was such a big deal until I got older. I would say 98% of songs are about love. I think this is because love continues to be an enigma and a bit of an oxymoron.

Love can cause so much joy or heartache. Love makes one stronger yet also vulnerable. In the Bible, there is a famous verse that talks about what love is.

To me, love is wanting the best for the other person. If it means letting go of the person, so be it. Even though it is hard to do so, you want the best for them so you do it for the other person’s sake.


June 18, 2017

I wanted to make a more upbeat song for summer, and I had a tune stuck in my head. But I didn’t know what to write. I remember that my friend had written this poem and felt that its contents would fit the melody. This is not the exact same poem (I made adjustments), but the majority of it comes from my friend. 

C G Am F (2 times)

Happiness is when a perfect snowflake falls on the tip of
your nose
Happiness is when you jump into autumn’s leaves
and when you look far into the sea

C G Am F (2 times)
Dm G

When it rains just enough for the plants to grow
When the rainbow’s out for show, or when the sky is blue
Happiness is when the sun shines on you

C G Am
F G7
C G Am F

Happiness is when the wind blows your hair out of your face
and the Christmas lights are in place
Happiness is when the snow is very deep
and when the sounds of the rain lulls you to sleep

Dm C
E7 F G
Dm G
C E7

As the leaves fall we can hear the crunch
That’s how we know that Halloween candy will soon be our lunch
As the rays of the sun beams on us
We swim in the pool and celebrate no school

C G Am F

Happiness is about the small things
The memories, mhmm
Happiness is right outside your door
It’s within the earth’s very core.

Love Language

June 16, 2017


Love language is how a person expresses their love for someone. There are five different types of love languages: quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, and physical touch.  In the pictures above, each one has a description.

According to the test, my primary love language is quality time, which is very true. I love spending time with people that I like, even if we’re not doing anything. It irritates me if people are on their phones when we’re doing something (unless they’re posting a picture on snapchat). My logic asks if you take the time to hang out with me, why are you talking to people that aren’t even here? The lack of interest hurts.

The lowest score is physical touch (a big fat zero). I find that strange because I like hugs and in relationships, I enjoy cuddling a lot. However, I agree that I usually don’t initiate expressions of love through touch.

The test is here.

Be Ambitious, But Don’t Forget to Have Fun

June 8, 2017

I came across a video where the speaker talked about why a girl broke up with him. His name is Matthew Hussey, a successful man who’s expertise is in dealing with the romantic side of life. He said a year later after the breakup, they talked on the phone and asked her why the relationship ended for her. This is, in essence, what she said to him.

“You were boring. When we first met, you were the most ambitious person I knew. It was incredibly sexy, but that’s all you did. You would sit and work. We didn’t get to grow together. We didn’t do things together. I got bored.”  

Throughout high school, I sacrificed a lot (sleep, a social life, time, etc.) in order to stay on top of my work and go to a good college. In retrospect, I feel like I spent too much time worrying about my grades and other academic stuff, which caused me to be closed off to others. I know I came off as aloof and intimidating to people because I tend to look intense when stressed. I wish I spent more time investing in the friends I had.

Being ambitious is a great quality, but too much of it can cause relationships deteriorate or stagnate with the people around you. I got the working part down, but I forgot the having fun part. Now, I’m more conscious about stopping to have fun because slaving away and stressing all the time is not an enjoyable nor fulfilling lifestyle.

ACC Senior Girls Banquet Speech

May 29, 2017

At my church, a senior banquet is held to recognize them. During the banquet, the seniors get to say an appreciation speech. This year, a representative from the senior guys and the senior girls was picked to say the speech. I was chosen by the senior girls because a majority of the speech was written by me.  However, all of the girls got a chance to edit it or at least read over it before I gave the speech.

We, the ACC Senior girls, collectively wrote this for you all.

To the parents who invested all their time into their children, thank you. We’ve been through many challenges, achievements, setbacks, and painful arguments, but we’ve managed to make it. (That doesn’t mean the arguments will end though). Thank you for cooking great food that we take for granted, because only when we stay at college for a week will we realize that we should have appreciated every meal that was cooked with love. Thank you for being our chauffeurs to all our lessons, practices, concerts, recitals, competitions, and a whole lot more that aren’t listed because that will take forever and listeners to the squeaks and squawks of our instruments. Thank you for constantly teaching us important life lessons and for your patience when we forget what you taught us. Even when we do stupid things, assume we know better when in fact we don’t, constantly ask for money, push you away in annoyance or anger – you are always there for us with open arms. We can never thank you enough for your sacrifice and unending love.

To the ACC community, for many of us, our roots began here. Thank you for taking care of us, instilling important values and morals, and being a second home. Amidst the chaos, ACC has remained the anchor in our lives. Thank you to Pastor Kevin, Dean, DJ, Pastor Jason, Pastor Edward and our Sunday school teachers Teacher Allison, Teacher Brenda, Teacher Emily, Teacher Sunny, Mrs.Li, Teacher Grace, Teacher Willis, Teacher Catherine, and Teacher Frank for blessing us immensely with the resources you have given us to become examples of Christ.

From eating way too many snacks to dodging and occasionally getting hit by the balls the guys throw when they’re being too hardcore about their game, from discussing applications of lessons in small groups to helping with the Rainbow Express at Mission Arlington, we thank the youth for being a lovely and rambunctious group to grow up with. Don’t be afraid to step up into a leadership position and set an example for the others around you. Becoming more mature and independent can be daunting, but know that you are not alone. Just like you, we also faced the task of taking on the roles that the seniors left behind. You will never truly feel ready, but there are so many supporters behind you, whether parents, friends, or church family.

To the ones that we consider friends today, thank you for sticking by our sides and making life a bit more bearable and enjoyable. Thank you for listening to our rants and helping us pick ourselves up when L’s just keep on coming. The moments spent with you all will be some of the best memories kept for life. Though the physical distance between us is approaching sooner than we would like, if we are meant to stay in each other’s lives, it will happen. If not, so be it.

Sadly, everything has its time and season. We complain for more time (especially when we are procrastinating on our homework). However, we have the memories and the experiences that have made us who we are today, which will help us in this next chapter in life. We thank everyone who has influenced us. Without you all, we wouldn’t be the people we are today.