First Semester of College as a Freshman

December 15, 2017


My first taste of college has been an eventful ordeal.┬áMy sleep schedule is whack; my eating habits aren’t the healthiest; my grades could be higher. I’ve met a lot of people, shoved way too many people into my car, and have become more social. There are mistakes that happened along the way and boundaries have been pushed such as how late can I stay up and still wake up in time for class. But what’s important is that one learns from these different experiences, learn from them, and move forward.

Everything has its time and season, and sometimes it’s just best to look back at the memories made, be a little nostalgic, but continue trucking along because the past has its place. All things happen for a reason, the good and the bad, and it’s what we do with these events that set us down the path we go. The past cannot be changed. Only the future can be manipulated.

This first semester has been a learning experience in a variety of ways, and there is still much to learn.

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