Greatest Fear

September 29, 2017


Person A: What do you fear the most?
Person B: My greatest fear is unintentionally hurting someone in a mental or emotional way. I generally do not have malicious intents for the people I care about and like to perceive myself as a kind person. Based on previous experience, it is a painful event for people on both sides of the situation.

Person A: Have you learned from that event?
Person B: Yes, I have. I’m going to try my best to not let that happen again.

Person A: What would you want those people or person to know?
Person B: I want them to know that I feel incredibly sad and guilty, and I hope that they will move on. Even if it means that they stay angry at me for a long time, I will accept that if that helps them move past this event. I only wish the best for them and hope that they find what they’re looking for. I hope that one day they view this as a distant memory, no longer feel the heartache, and come to peace with what has happened.

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