Applying for College Round 2

September 9, 2017


I’ve been trying out different clubs and going to their general meetings this past week. In the clubs that I attended, many of the officers are wanting to attend medical school. It scares me that there’s a lot of talk about certain activities or events looking good for the resume. It also somewhat saddens me because I feel that there’s an ulterior motive behind participating in the club. I’m being hypocritical though because I’m also doing the clubs with the same ulterior motive (aka looking good on the resume).

What I realized is that going to medical school is like applying for college but more intense and on a bigger scale. You have to maintain a high GPA, do volunteering, have extracurricular activities, and take the MCAT. ¬†Internally, I sigh because it seems like the studying and preparation keeps on going. I feel that I’ll never be able to get out of that type of environment for a long time if I decide to go down the medical career path. Already, the pressure to do things for medical school is upon me.

So why do people put themselves through the arduous journey of becoming a doctor? It’s not for the money. There’s easier ways to make a lot of money without becoming a doctor.

Why will I put myself through a mental and physical torture? But more importantly, do I even have the endurance and patience to become a doctor?

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