First Week of College

August 25, 2017


I survived the first week of college!! So many events happened, and I met many clubs (currently have a pile of flyers sitting on my desk). Sadly, I didn’t get any free t-shirts, but I did get free food.

My classes so far have been not too difficult (as of for now), except for calculus. Even though I took AP Calculus, the material that’s being covered is not familiar to me, and the professor goes pretty fast. I think my favorite class so far is the introduction to psychology class. The professor is passionate about her work, and we are similar in that we both are interested in behavior. It’s just great and refreshing to finally see a person who’s passionate about something that I’m genuinely interested in, unlike the teachers in high school who got stuck with teaching a psychology class and didn’t really care for the subject.

To me, college feels like high school but on a bigger scale. But there are some big differences. Now I can nap between classes, which is great. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I only have 2 classes. The cafeteria food is better. There’s definitely more freedom to do things. For example,  I walked by myself to the rec center to workout around 9:00 pm. My parents would probably not allow me to do that because 1) viewed as dangerous be out by myself at night and 2) don’t need to work out that late. Those are the main differences that I can think of.

Overall, the experience has been good so far. I’m enjoying this much more than high school.

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