Lessons from Dog Sitting

August 7, 2017

  1. Whoever routinely feeds and interacts with the dog the most will be considered the primary guardian in the dog’s eyes.
  2. Dogs will look/beg for food whenever you’re eating.
  3. This does not mean they will eat whatever they are begging for.
  4. They get excited when they know they’re going on a walk.
  5. They will run towards squirrels or birds to scare them.
  6. They mark their territory on most mailboxes, lamp posts, and trees.
  7. It is very tiring to always be on the lookout for acts that they’re not suppose to do.
  8. Even if you catch them in a mischievous act, they sometimes continue to do whatever they’re doing.
  9. Puppies/ young dogs are cute, but they take a lot of work.
  10. I understand why I wasn’t allowed to have a puppy when I was younger.


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