Tabula Rasa

August 1, 2017


tabula rasa- an opportunity for a fresh start; clean slate

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to go off to college to leave high school behind. I felt confined in the identity that I had become in high school. I grew frustrated that one aspect of me was being emphasized rather than the whole person that I am. The feeling has lessened now, but I still would like to have fresh start. The idea of being a clean slate appeals to me. Meeting others without them knowing who I was gives them an unbiased holistic view of me.

What I was defined by is not bad and is in fact a good thing, but that aspect of me is what most people tended to focused on. I am not just that one element; I am a multiple of elements that make me a collective whole. Some perceived me as a person with an identity outside of that one aspect. I am grateful for them because they looked beyond and took the effort to know me, the true me.

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