Aftermath of a Grave Mistake

July 25, 2017


Dm Am Cm Gm
Dm Gm C F

Disaster was written all over it
I’ve created a mess, how did I let it get so far
I’m to blame and I know it
How does one mend a heart?

Am E7
Dm A7
Dm Gm C F

I need to let go, not hold on
But here I am, not moving on
Waiting for something that might not be there is a dangerous game to play

Gm C
Dm F
Gm C
F A7

Some wishes can never come true
No matter how hard we try
Blind to the flaws and dangers
Following the heart is not always good

Dm Am Cm Gm
Woe to us, forgive me
Accept this apology, mhmm

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