June 18, 2017


I wanted to make a more upbeat song for summer, and I had a tune stuck in my head. But I didn’t know what to write. I remember that my friend had written this poem and felt that its contents would fit the melody. This is not the exact same poem (I made adjustments), but the majority of it comes from my friend. 

C G Am F (2 times)

Happiness is when a perfect snowflake falls on the tip of
your nose
Happiness is when you jump into autumn’s leaves
and when you look far into the sea

C G Am F (2 times)
Dm G

When it rains just enough for the plants to grow
When the rainbow’s out for show, or when the sky is blue
Happiness is when the sun shines on you

C G Am
F G7
C G Am F

Happiness is when the wind blows your hair out of your face
and the Christmas lights are in place
Happiness is when the snow is very deep
and when the sounds of the rain lulls you to sleep

Dm C
E7 F G
Dm G
C E7

As the leaves fall we can hear the crunch
That’s how we know that Halloween candy will soon be our lunch
As the rays of the sun beams on us
We swim in the pool and celebrate no school

C G Am F

Happiness is about the small things
The memories, mhmm
Happiness is right outside your door
It’s within the earth’s very core.

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