Love Language

June 16, 2017



Love language is how a person expresses their love for someone. There are five different types of love languages: quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, and physical touch.  In the pictures above, each one has a description.

According to the test, my primary love language is quality time, which is very true. I love spending time with people that I like, even if we’re not doing anything. It irritates me if people are on their phones when we’re doing something (unless they’re posting a picture on snapchat). My logic asks if you take the time to hang out with me, why are you talking to people that aren’t even here? The lack of interest hurts.

The lowest score is physical touch (a big fat zero). I find that strange because I like hugs and in relationships, I enjoy cuddling a lot. However, I agree that I usually don’t initiate expressions of love through touch.

The test is here.

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