Be Ambitious, But Don’t Forget to Have Fun

June 8, 2017


I came across a video where the speaker talked about why a girl broke up with him. His name is Matthew Hussey, a successful man who’s expertise is in dealing with the romantic side of life. He said a year later after the breakup, they talked on the phone and asked her why the relationship ended for her. This is, in essence, what she said to him.

“You were boring. When we first met, you were the most ambitious person I knew. It was incredibly sexy, but that’s all you did. You would sit and work. We didn’t get to grow together. We didn’t do things together. I got bored.”  

Throughout high school, I sacrificed a lot (sleep, a social life, time, etc.) in order to stay on top of my work and go to a good college. In retrospect, I feel like I spent too much time worrying about my grades and other academic stuff, which caused me to be closed off to others. I know I came off as aloof and intimidating to people because I tend to look intense when stressed. I wish I spent more time investing in the friends I had.

Being ambitious is a great quality, but too much of it can cause relationships deteriorate or stagnate with the people around you. I got the working part down, but I forgot the having fun part. Now, I’m more conscious about stopping to have fun because slaving away and stressing all the time is not an enjoyable nor fulfilling lifestyle.

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