Where did the Time go?

May 14, 2017


“The world changes too fast. You take your eyes off something that’s always been there, and the next minute it’s just a memory.”

Last night and today (very) early morning, I attended my school prom and after prom. I remember thinking how far prom seemed to be. Now I wonder where the time went. Time seems so slow during the week, but when looking at the big picture, everything seems to be passing by quickly. Friends that seemed to just have started college are now graduating. I know of many people that have gotten engaged or married. Everyone around me is growing up.

I have grown up also. Instead of asking for a ride, I’m the one giving rides. Instead of just being a part of the church youth worship and small group, I’m leading these groups. Instead of watching my friends’ graduation from high school, I’m the one about to graduate from high school and cross a threshold that marks both an end and beginning of a chapter in my life.

I thought I wouldn’t be nostalgic about leaving high school because I did not have an enjoyable high school experience, but I do feel a bit sad. It all seems surreal. The everyday events are the background noise until there’s a significant change that brings them to the forefront. In an instant, I realize that everything is about to become a memory. This is where the sadness stems from: my high school years are about to become just a part of my past.

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