April 20, 2017


I was conversing with a friend about not being as close with each other as before. I said something similar to the fact that it’s bond to happen because we’re going our separate ways (colleges, different friends, different interests, etc). Though going on separate paths can be saddening, it just means that we’re moving to a different stage in our lives that will be beneficial for our own personal growth. This song is loosely based on that conversation.

A D F#m A


F#m D A

D F#m E

Friends we think we’ll always talk to

They may fade away, but it’s ok

Everything has its time and season

We have our memories


A F#m D A

F#m D E

A F#m D A

F#m D E

Time is relentless, we always complain for more

But what defines us is the impact we leave

We are given this short life, might as well use this gift for good

Because a life with regrets is a life not lived


F#m A D A

F#m A D E

A  F#m D A


Even if it means to move towards the unknown

Even if it means to leave others behind

It’s time, it’s time to keep moving forward

Oh, don’t you cry


F#m A E A


A F#m D A


A bittersweet beginning and ending

One door opens while another closes

Remember we’re still here, just a little farther away

Only a message away

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