April 3, 2017


I got to compete in the HOSA state competition in Corpus Christi. I enjoyed the trip and have a newfound respect for teachers. Some, not all, teachers do genuinely care about their students and do a lot more work than they need to make sure their students have fun. They can also be kinda crazy in a funny way. Since there were only two people (including myself) from my school, we were able to go to many places within Corpus Christi. The trip was an interesting experience and filled with laughs.

Photo Apr 02, 8 29 50 PM
A dead jellyfish washed up ashore. No worries, it doesn’t sting.
Photo Apr 02, 8 26 56 PM
I did a panoramic photo of the beach at night. That’s why it’s dark. To the left is a city, and to the right is the an aircraft carrier.

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