Romantic Movies = Unrealistic Expectations

February 1, 2017


At the end of romantic movies, a lot of them start at the beginning of a new budding relationship. The movies show the events that lead up to the characters being together. They never show what happens after they begin the relationship.

Movies depict relationships in its extremes, whether it be someone crying from a fight or a couple enjoying the epitome of their attractions towards each other. In real life, the relationship is somewhere in the middle 90% of the time. There are times where there are fights and steamy moments, but it’s not like most of the time. It’s also unlikely that you’ll meet a significant other by running into them on the street or you drop something and they help you pick it up. Most of time, you meet your partner through friends or from being friends with them.

Your first kiss with someone new may be somewhat awkward because you’re not used to the person’s kissing style yet. By staying with them over a longer period of time, it’ll become less awkward. I’m sorry to tell you that fairytales don’t exist. Fairytales are lovely because they are idealistic situations. In reality, idealistic conditions rarely happen.

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