Gifts (How I Know I’m Growing Up)

December 25, 2016


During Christmas, we receive gifts from relatives and friends. Everyone dotes on the little ones, which means they get an insane amount of presents. I used to feel a pang of jealousy because I used to be the smallest child, and I would get the most presents. Now, I don’t care.

Most of the time, when I did receive a lot of presents, I didn’t really care for them. That’s why I like the amount of gifts I get now. I get about 3 gifts from relatives and clothing from my parents. This year, my favorites are a pair of boots, a thermos, and business clothing. I was excited about these because it was something that I had recently needed.

In the past, all those gifts were just wants or something that I really didn’t even want. Now I appreciate and care about the simple yet useful gifts received.

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