Defining Smartness

December 16, 2016


My definition of smart probably differs from a lot of my classmates. Many would define “smart” as a person who seems to know everything, gets everything correct, and makes the highest grades. While all of that may be true, I don’t view being smart solely in that way.

I believe being smart is the willingness and the ability to learn and try. We all are smart. However, it is our decision tap into our brain and actually give an effort to learn the material before us. You may struggle in trying to understand something, but the importance lies in the effort that you put forth. That is being smart.

Making the conscious choice of giving up and not learning is the choice to stay ignorant. The decision to opt out and not even give it a shot makes you ignorant. There’s so much to know in this world.

A big peeve of mine is when people think that they know it all and act like they’re better than everyone else around them. Maybe they are better than those around them, but for goodness sake! There’s approximately seven billion people in the world! You only know a small fraction of the world! It may feel like that you know everything, but in reality, you just know your one seven billionth piece of the world.

Making the grades and such comes as a byproduct of being smart (unless you cheated). It is remaining inquisitive, making that extra effort, and being a lifelong learner that makes a person smart.

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