Heart of Darkness

December 12, 2016


In my English literature class, we’re currently reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. The teacher asked us to write this question down on the inside cover of the book: Can I go into the darkest part of myself and come out ok?

For my first three years of high school, there was a lot of uncertainty and chaos going on in my life. My environment had changed; my friend group shifted; GPA and SAT suddenly mattered a great deal (and continue to do so); the family life was not going too great. During that time, I reached a very low point where I really questioned everything around me.

Now as a senior, I reflect upon the past years of my life in high school. The problems still exist. But they’re only as big as I make them to be. I’ve realized how far I have come, emotionally and spiritually. Without those difficult times, I would not be the person I am today. In this regard, I am thankful for the times I felt helpless because it showed me that I can make it through. I can manage life and be ok.

So, I think I can answer the question. Yes, I can go into the darkest part of myself and come out ok (albeit there may be some scratches and bruises). But I will come out stronger and rise above the darkness.


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