You have to be your own person first

December 7th, 2016


I wrote about this quote in an earlier post but here it is again.

Too often, I see people trying to gain favor in the “cool clique”. In the process, they lose their identity. They change the way they dress, pick up interests that they don’t necessarily like, change their behavior around them, and sadly abandon their true friends to hang out with the “in crowded”. Or someone gets a significant other and forget the rest of the world around them. The list can go on and on.

My question is this. Are you afraid to be alone? To not have anyone to hang out with? To not be texting or snapchatting anyone? To be not considered cool? You do realize that 90% of people you associate with today will be gone after graduation. In the grand scheme of things, being in a certain clique is really not important. Yes, your friends can make you happy, but are you happy with yourself? Are you truly content? The void will always exist if you choose to not address it. Friends and significant others can dull that void, but for it to truly go away, you have to learn how to be content with yourself first. You have to learn to be your own person first.

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