Why I Deleted Snapchat

November 23, 2016


Snapchat is fun. It allows people to send funny photos, converse with each other, and have streaks to confirm the friendship. So why did I delete snapchat?

I would look at other people’s stories and feel left out. Their stories taunted me- by no means did they mean to- but nevertheless I felt lonely. While their stories confirmed their friendship, they served as reminders that I wasn’t invited to join in on their fun.

I felt excluded. That’s the main reason.

I also deleted it because I didn’t snapchat that many people anyways. The people I had streaks with weren’t close friends and were doing it to keep the streak rather than trying to become better friends. Most of the time, the stories I posted were me complaining about something. So, I deleted snapchat.

Since then, I’ve had more time to do other things more important than looking at other people’s stories or keeping up with a streak. Yes, it does get lonely at times, but I was lonely even when I did have snapchat.

I am thinking about re-downloading it after the first semester. There are some people that I would like to keep in contact with through snapchat. Who knows, maybe I’ll re-download it. But for now, I’m staying off of snapchat.

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